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About Detox'Home

Who am I ?


Let's start with the introductions!

I am Valerie. As a child, I was already changing the layout and decoration of my room all the time... The passion remained! 

For fifteen years, I practiced the fine profession of speech therapist (or speech therapist, depending on the country!). I learned to listen to my interlocutor in order to support him and find the solutions that are best suited to his situation.

Today, a mother of three children, our home is what we call “a house that lives”! Thanks to good organization, judicious arrangements, and a touch of decoration, it nevertheless remains welcoming and easy to live with on a daily basis for all...

Little by little, these organizational skills and my passion for decoration become obvious: I am sure I can help other people achieve this result so that they feel at home.

I therefore completed a training course with the Institute of Interior Design in order to be equipped to embark on this new project, and here I am ready to accompany you!


The “Detox'home” concept?


As its name suggests, Detox'home comes to your home to detoxify  your home. But what does it consist of? 

My goal is not to turn your house into a home worthy  to appear in magazines… 

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese expression that invites a return to simplicity while detaching itself from perfection. This concept applies entirely to its interior.  

It's about making your home your cocoon, a unique place in your image,  far from aesthetic diktats. A place where you feel at home and your  haven of peace. 

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Décoration intérieure
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