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🌴Scandifornia style❄️

A.Nab ber project

This style appears in 2019, with the American decorator Nathalie Myers.

As its name suggests, it mixes north and south, cold and heat, Nordic rigor and Californian relaxation 🔥

T.Oconnor for Blackwood's retirement

Could this be the perfect balance? The minimal and light aspect of Scandinavia mixes with the light and organic textures of California to bring you peace, warmth, serenity... A return to the essential in the whirlwind of life!


My advice for finding this style at home?

1) Favor a simple base with a simplified and natural color palette

2) Vary textures and prefer natural materials

3) Remain minimalist in your decoration, do not overload

4) Use natural light as much as possible


Ready to get started?

See you soon ;)

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