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Why Adopt Hygge?

The what??? "Hoo-ga" is a Norwegian word (that's it, we know a word from this funny language 😝), used in Denmark (because before these two countries were one).

Denmark, reputed to be the Number One country of happiness, has made it a way of life, a priority!

But what, you tell me? Slow Life, which means taking your time, slowing down, enjoying the present moment and the simple things in life, alone or with loved ones.

So this is the secret of happiness?

According to Meik Wiking, author of the "Book of Hygge", Hygge is "a comforting atmosphere, a warm and privileged moment at the end of the day which consists of enjoying those you love by spending time with of them, with the feeling of feeling at home, safe”.

But what does this have to do with decoration and Detox’Home?

The concept of Détox’Home consists in taking care of your interior in order to make it a cocoon, a haven of peace… Which seems to me to be a way of taking care of yourself and your loved ones. This requires a functional, comfortable and cozy house. When you achieve this, it becomes easier to enjoy life...

So, put on your Hyggebukser ("comfortable indoor outfit"), adopt a Hyggelig attitude (that's the derived adjective 😉), and let's transform your interior into a Hyggerkrog ("cozy place to spend some Hygge time )…

First of all, the key words for a Hyggelig interior: Simplicity, practicality, comfort, warmth, softness. I add beauty to it because it seems important to me to feel good at home...

This involves noble and natural materials (raw and solid wood, stone, whitewashed walls, rattan), furniture with simple and refined shapes, and neutral colors (white, clay, taupe, green, nude and pastel tones). Light is favored via interior windows that diffuse it as much as possible.

But it is not always possible to make changes of this magnitude when you are already settled in a home. Don't panic, creating a Hyggerkrog also involves small elements:

- Soft throws and cushions in materials adapted to the season (wool in winter, linen in summer for example)

- Rugs

- Dim lights (garlands, accent lamps, fire in the fireplace, but also window curtains)

- Handicraft objects (ceramic for example)

- Plants

- Candles with seasonal scents (cinnamon in winter, lavender in summer)

- A bouquet of flowers picked while walking (or pretty thin branches)

… Inside in winter, outside on sunny days, to enjoy beautiful moments...

And don't forget that simplicity requires a decluttered, sorted, ordered interior... soft and soothing.

Now all you have to do is enjoy the moment in your Hyggerkrog! Take the opportunity to have an aperitif with friends, watch the sunset, organize an outdoor cinema in the garden, or eat grilled marshmallows on the barbecue 😉

If you need help with your decoration, organization, space planning, call Détox’Home! I will advise you and help you with pleasure so that you manage to make your interior to your image and functional!

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